Brand new luxury vessel with underwater observatory arrives in Cornwall

The cruise ship stopped in Penzance as part of its “Musical Odyssey of the Celtic Sea”.

A brand new luxury cruise ship that only launched last month arrived in Penzance today.

Anchored at Mount’s Bay, passengers from the 92 cabins aboard the Dumont d’Urville were transported to and from the port throughout the day to enjoy a good Cornish mizzle in the city.

With limited capacity, the small cruise ship would feel more like a super yacht than your average cruise liner.

The Dumont d’Urville is the ninth ship to join the Ponant in the Explorer class of the French company’s fleet.

The ship has a luxury underwater observatory, The Blue Eye Lounge, located below the waterline.

Uninterrupted beauty of Cornish empty beaches

From the observatory, passengers can watch marine life pass through two giant windows, as well as on digital screens on which are projected live images filmed by three underwater cameras.

In addition to the visuals, specially developed hydrophones, located under the ship, allow lounge passengers to hear underwater sounds for up to three miles.

And the underwater sounds even echo as vibrations on special sofas that passengers can sit on.

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